Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Pins for P.A.L.S.

Pins for P.A.L.S. was a great event and Bark was a part of it. A portrait session was given for the silent auction and it brought many bids to the table. Steve and I participated and my bowling skills quickly improved as the afternoon went on. I still think I should keep my day job though.

Drat, I left two pins up

James strategizes before his turn

While the bowling was taking place a very lively silent auction was taking place

Ron and Greg rest up before their next turn

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Rainy Day Hikes

A hike on a rainy day has different qualities for a photographer to explore; the colors are more vibrant and the fog makes everything look mysterious.

The wet weather brings out the salamanders. The primary ones we saw were the Red Efts, the immature version of the Red Spotted Newt. These little guys were everywhere.

There are drawbacks to hiking on a rainy day too. Below is our view of the water fall that we could hear roaring in the distance...

But then, little drops on small streams turn into bigger water falls too.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Mom and Dad Celebrate Birthdays

Dad celebrated his Birthday this Wednesday. So Mom and Dad joined Birthday forces (Mom's birthday was last month) and celebrated with some of their friends. Friends from the old neighborhood and others joined then at Zucca in the Smyrna Village for a delicious lunch. Note the trendy hats. I had a hard time keeping up with this bunch.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

April Essay- after the storm

Each month I plan to take an afternoon or morning and photograph something different from what I would shoot in my everyday portrait business. I let what ever sparks my interest for that month be the subject. No year long calendar agenda! I have a feeling it will usually be nature related since that is where I seem to gravitate. This month we had a great thunder storm one evening, which went on into the night. The next morning water was on everything and the light on the scene was wonderful.

These are a few of the subjects I found in my own yard after the event. I tended to focused on the smaller rain drops. It amazes me how they can seem to defy gravity and stay on those petals and leaves. I did include one rainbow, I know, its cliche'. BUT I can never get over how really cool these are and how a storm can refract light like that. So in the essay it shall stay.

May 1st Roswell's toast to Children's silent auction

This Friday May 1 from 7 to 9 Roswell Friends and Hinton's Wine Store will host their third annual Roswell's Toast to Children's. This is a fund raiser for Childrens Health Care of Atlanta with a wine tasting and silent auction. Bark Photography will be represented at the silent action with a portrait session and a large print of the session to aucton off.

Check the web site for details Roswell's Toast to Children

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bark Photography: dog is everywhere

The official ribbon cutting ceremony at Chicopee Woods Mt bike Trails, Sat April 18 2009
The official ribbon has just been cut. Note the "official" scissors. Note the happy officials.

This weekend was the grand opening for the new mountain bike trails at Chicapee Woods in Gainseville Ga. There are miles and miles of new trails there. What has always been a good place to mountain bike has become even better.

The day was very festive with music, free barbecue and a wonderful mystery adventure ride with an abundance of great prizes at the end. Norma Rainwater used her skills as a mountain biker and educator to put together a ride that was fun and interesting ride for everyone.

This is the SORBA chapter that makes it all happen up there.

This was quite an event. Everyone showed up, including Sorella Cycling, and they brought their new banner for this year. Since Bark Photography is a sponsor, our favorite dog showed up on the banner. Check her out, she's in the bottom left:

She's everywhere, including on the back of the jerseys. The jersey model shall remain anonymous. She had been riding though check out the blood on the elbow.

Friday, April 17, 2009

April 13 Judging at Cherokee Photography Club

I went out last Monday representing Bark Photography to judge a very good abstract photography competition at the Cherokee Photography Club . There were over 120 entries, which kept me talking a while. All the images were outstanding. In the projected category alone I tried to talk them into letting me give 14 honorable mentions. This is quite the creative group. Thanks for letting me see all your work.

Check them out at: